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Balloon Chicks

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Recycled Material: Old Balloon

Natural Material: Filling Material (Polenta, Sand,...)

Other Material: Colored Paper

Tools: 1. Scissors, 2. Thread, 3. Marker, 4. Glue

Balloon Chicken

Recycled Material: Old balloon - Natural Material: Filling material (sand, polenta, rice...) - Other Material: Colored paper - Tools: 1. Marker, 2. Glue, 3. Thread, 3. Scissor
1. Cut open the upper part of the balloon.
2. Fill the balloon with filling material.
3. Close the balloon with threat.
4. Shape the head.
5. Wind threat around the head.
6. Draw eyes and the shape of a beak on colored paper as shown.
7. Cut everything out.
Fold the beak as shown.
9. Stick the eyes and the beak onto the head.


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