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Welcome to the Deco Meadow!

This project is about transforming waste, natural elements and other every day life products into decorative arts with little additional material. Discover the step-by-step instructions of countless artfully designed crafted creations.
Creation allows us to raise awareness of our surroundings and the environment, to pay more attention to the value of detail and thus discover the beauty of nature and joy in creation. It is a way to find balance in our modern world mainly characterized by consumerism and possession.

Classifications of the crafts:

The crafts cover a broad span of home decoration such as vases, candle light holders, wall pictures etc. They are classified as the following:

  • Techniques, elements, simple crafts and bigger compositions

  • Seasonal vs. aseasonal creations

Special features about the crafting:

  • hacks and methods of how to imitate real natural elements

  • transformation of banal and seemingly insignificant items into unique and beautiful crafting

  • recycling and upcycling of items, thus less items to be bought

  • getting in touch with nature

The crafting can be realized by adults as well as kids, alone or in groups. It can be used to decorate your own homes, work place or classrooms. Many of the items are suitable as gift ideas.
Have fun!

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