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Transparent Bouquet Holder

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Recycled Material: Plastic Bottle

Other Material: 1. Colored Paper, 2. Paint

Tools: 1. Scissors, 2. Brush, 3. Adhesive Tape

Transparent Bouquet Holder

Recycled Material: Plastic bottle - Other Material: 1. Colored paper, 2. Paint - Tools: 1. Brush, 2. Adhesive tape, 3. Scissors
1. Cut the bottle in two parts as shown.
2. Cut along the edge of the upper part in a way that you obtain a wavy line.
3. Paint a thin line along the wavy edge.
4. Cut thin strips out of colored paper.
5. Fix the ends of all strips on the bottleneck with adhesive tape.
6. Go with the scissors along the strips to obtain curly strips.

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