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Coconut Mice

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Recycled Material: Colored Paper Rests

Natural Material: Coconut Shell

Tools: 1. Glue Stick, 2. Marker, 3. Adhesive Tape, 4. Scissors

Coconut Mice

Recycled Material: Colored paper rests - Natural Material: Coconut shell - Tools: 1. Gluestick, 2. Scissors, 3. Adhesive tape, 4. Marker

1. Draw the face of a mouse with the marker on colored paper.

2. Draw two equally sized shapes as shown for the inner parts of the ears (smaller than the actual ears). Use colored paper of a different color.

3. Cut all parts of the face out.

4. Cut thin strips out of colored paper. You can combine two or more colors.

5. Cut out a bigger strip of colored paper.

6. Turn it in as shown.

7. Take the nose thaat you cut out at the beginning and the thin strips.

8. Glue the strips onto the rear of the nose.

9. Glue all parts of the face onto the coconut shell as shown.

10. Attach the thick turned in strip (tail) to the other end of the coconut shell with adhesive tape. Attach it to the inner side of it.

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