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Carton Packaging Arctic Town

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Recycled Material: 1. Cartboard Packaging, 2. Paper rests

Tools: 1. Glue, 2. Scissors

Carton Packaging Arctic Town

Recycled Material: 1. Several cardboard boxes, 2. Paper resrs - Tools: 1. Glue, 2. Scissors
1. Remove all plastic parts from the packaging.
2. Cut each box into two parts such that you obtain 2 different types of houses: One with a peaked and one with a flat roof.
3. You can use the folded attached parts on the side to form a roof by untaching them and lifting them up as shown.
4. After creating several houses, cover all surfaces with a layer of glue.
5. Attach white paper to all glued surfaces.
6. Cut various holes into the surfaces to make windows and doors.

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